ApexTra’s Quarterly Newsletter - Issue 12 - January 2015
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                   Issue 12 - January 2015
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Tech Tip
In the sauna the other day, I overheard yet another story of someone getting their cell phone stolen, losing all their pictures in addition to not one but four phone numbers of girls from Match.com. Please, please, please, synchronize your phone with your computer before it’s too late! This is the best thing you can do today. What if you lose your computer? Get Google Drive. For $1.99 a month, you can back up and synchronize 100 GB of docs, photos, etc. and never worry about losing anything again, nor have to wait until your romantic prospects call you back!
Travel Tip
Aisle or window? Never quite sure which seat to take when you’ve got the option? While experience has shown that window is the best, if you do get stuck with an aisle seat here’s something you should know: on certain planes, you can lift up the aisle armrest!
Airplane aisle seat armrest up

Simply push a button underneath it and presto! You can swing your legs to the side to let your seatmate out and never leave your seat.
Events Calendar
Wordfast Pro pour Débutants
February 9
Free webinar

Wordfast Classic Training
February 12, 19 & 25
Online training

Wordfast Sandbox
February 16
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Wordfast Pro Advanced Features
Feb 24, Mar 3 & 10
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Wordfast Forward User Conference
May 28-31
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JCI Challenge
May 31 - June 2
Istanbul, Turkey
Happy New Year!

I am pleased to publish Issue 12 of ExTra! after a couple of years hiatus from communicating with you regularly.
John looking out for you

There’s something for everyone in this newsletter, whether you are in the translation industry or not. I’ll share some tips related to travel, translation, technology, and business in general. I’ll also tell you about work I am doing with non-profit associations like JCI.

For Wordfast users, the big news is the upcoming Wordfast User Conference in Riga, Latvia from May 28-31. Click here to find out more.

Thanks for reading and stay in touch!

John Di Rico
Translation Tip
Sometimes when you’re done with your translation or drafting any document for that matter, you decide to change a term. What easier way to do so than to run a quick “find-replace” function? Beware, this can be quite riskous [sic]. A colleague of mine was telling me a story about someone deciding they wanted to change all instances of “hazard” to “risk.” Oops!
Find and replace hazard with risk

Be sure to use the advanced features and check boxes like “Match case” or “Find whole words only” before proceeding!
Wordfast Tip
Wordfast has made some great improvements to Wordfast Pro as of late. The one I am particularly pleased with is the segment changes feature. Below I will explain one way it can be used to help you improve the quality of your translations.
See the segments your editor changed

After finishing your translation, send a bilingual version (TXML format) of the translation to your editor for review. Any changes the editor makes will be tracked in the TXML document. When he or she sends it back to you, you can open the document and the segments that have been modified will appear in pink in the outline view (all others will be gray). You can even apply a filter to display only modified segments. Don’t forget to open the segment changes window to see what has been changed in each segment.
Filter on the righthand side to see only modified segments

As the translator, this allows you to close the editing process and review your mistakes. This is one of the worst problems in our industry: we seldom have the chance for constructive peer review. You may also spot some errors that have been introduced by the editor.
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